You Are Enough

There are so many rules and regulations about how to be a good new mom out there. Lay your baby flat on their back to sleep, swaddle below the nipple line, never warm milk in microwave- use warm water instead, breastmilk is better than formula, tummy time every day is a must, don't let baby watch tv-even if this is the best way to get a decent shower in, do this, do that, do more of this, and definitely less of that.
After surviving the infant stage, your tornado of a toddler is running around destroying the house.  The "no" stage is driving you nuts.  Naptime is an all-out battle.  And potty training is less than successful.  Yet, they're still soooooo cute!!

Your now "big kid" is full of questions.  Naps are almost non-existent.  You are trying to navigate their new world of education as they venture into kindergarten and first grade.  Schoolwork, friends, teachers, and extracurricular activities are adding to the pot of chaos.  Though it's amazing to see your child learn, grow, and begin to demonstrate some independence, it's a slice of reality that your little one isn't so little anymore.  And do we really have to talk about body parts???

Then off to more activities, more friends, more school work, with a little more resistance as if you just joined the debate team to defend why you are cooking spaghetti for dinner, again.  And it's clear now, your little one is definitely not little anymore.  Phones, friends... Are you doing enough? Are doing too much?  Are you a bad mom if you don't give them every opportunity to grow their skills and gifts?  Is homeschooling still the best option?  Is public/private school still the best option?

Wait... did you even touch the mountain of laundry today??
All of these stipulations may have you feeling like you can't keep up. And when you are unable to abide by all of their standards, you start to feel less than. As if you are not a good enough mom. Well in short, I am here to tell you, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

This message is for...

  • The mother who didn't get to breastfeed at all or as long as she wanted to
  • The mother who left their baby unattended one second too long and let baby fall off the couch or bed (it's okay… these things happen to the best of us)
  • The mother who feels 5lbs skinnier one day and 15lbs heavier the next
  • The mother who hasn't had her nails done in over 4 months
  • The mother who can't seem to keep the house clean for more than a few hours or who can never get it clean enough
  • The mother who keeps missing her times to pump milk
  • The young mother who is the only one with a child and can no longer relate to her friends anymore
  • The mother with a child who has a disability who is trying her hardest to navigate all the resources and support systems
  • The mother of multiple children who feels torn as she tries to be there equally for each child
  • The wife who has frequent arguments with her husband who is feeling neglected now that baby has arrived
  • The single mom who feels abandoned and lacks support
  • The working mom who is trying to keep her children out of her video calls
  • The new mom who has fallen out of love with her pets now that baby has arrived
  • The mom dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety
  • The mom who feels like she is plagued with miscarriages
  • And the mom who really does have a good handle on this thing called motherhood life
This message is for all moms, whoever you are and wherever you are in your motherhood…
You are enough!

But let's also rest in the reality that sometimes we aren't enough.  Some days we don't have enough time, patience, energy, or creativity for our children.  This is when things get beautiful.  The Apostle Paul wrote that when he is weak, he is actually strong, because it gives God the opportunity to be strong for him. He claims that when he is weak he is actually strong because God's power works best when he is weak. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)  In short, when we rely on God and acknowledge how weak we are, we give God the opportunity to step in and lift the heavy loads for us. In short, you are enough because God is enough.  You are enough when you step back and let God handle the things you give to him to resolve for you.  

Just be on guard about bringing things into your life that God did not tell you to do.  A good way to determine if you should do something would be by asking yourself, what's my motive for doing this?  Who will get the glory if I do this?  Am I trying to rush into something?  Am I trying to prove something to people or a certain person?  Often we bring on unecessary things into our lives to please ourselves or others.  We pack it on and think we can be superwoman because we've seen someone else do it.  Or because we want to prove to others that we can handle it all.  You are enough, because you are a child of God.  You are enough, because you are a princess and made perfectly by design by your Father in Heaven.  Rest in knowing, that even when you aren't where you want to be, doing what you want to do, or who you want to be, you are still enough.

Dive deep into God's Word and He'll begin to reveal these truths to you. 
Maybe we could try a little harder in some areas or maybe we could adjust how we do certain things… but one thing is for certain… Who you are as a person is just enough to be the mom you need to be! You are equipped to be a mom because you are a mom. Because you have been chosen to parent your child, you have what it takes. And don't let this world of perfection make you feel less than capable of being a good mom. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. (Phillippians 4:13)

So be encouraged, know that things will get better as you get into a rhythm. Learn this new song that life is playing and dance to it instead of trying to rewrite it.

Comment below about what you may be struggling with in this season.

Say a prayer and keep pressing!
Stay Braless!

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