What is Braless.Blog?

You've had a long day at work, just ran multiple errands (one always being Target), and YOU ARE TIRED. As you walk into your house thinking of all the things you have left to do before the day is over, all you want is a long bubble bath in a 5-star resort, a full body massage, and a nap. But since that isn't your reality, you choose the next best thing and unsnap your bra. YAAAAAASSSSS that feels soooo much better! I'm freeeeeee!!! Let them girls hang freely! Sit on the couch, sip some wine, drink some tea and/or settle for a paper cup of Brita filtered water, and unwind. The unsnapping of your bra says you are comfortable and ready to relax. It also says that you are comfortable enough in this space to not even act like your back doesn't hurt and your girls stand perky without the support of wires and maybe some padding. Reality says that boobs sag! So let them tired thangs hang! Almost every girl’s boobs sag, at least a little bit. And it's by the grace of our bra that they look like perfect round melons underneath our shirts when we know darn well they can look like some pine cones. So GET REAL! Look in the mirror, and accept where your boobs fall. Look in the mirror and accept the size of them. Look in the mirror and admire the reality of your body. It's time to get comfortable, it's time to get real, it's time to get braless.

Nope. Not here. We won't stand behind whatever makes us look “better” than we are. We are here to discuss the real truths of a woman's life. Take off the masks, unsnap your bra. Let’s have some transparent conversations ladies.  This is braless blog.

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