A little bit more about me...

Welcome to Braless.Blog Ladies! This is your real, authentic domain.
I am Victoria Archer, a wife and a mom.  I used to start my bio with a list of my accomplishments.  Normally, I would tell you which prestigious university I attended and what degrees I obtained.  I would have listed some of my work experiences and acquired licenses.  But over the years, I realized my actions were feeding into my need to prove myself.  It coddled my insecurities and spoke to my lack of self-esteem.  So today, I put those introductions aside.  I'm a wife and a mom.  And like most of you, I'm drowning in laundry and can't seem to keep the kitchen sink clean.  

Some days I feel really accomplished.  Other days I'm just waiting for my husband to get off work so I can hand him the one or two children in my arms and go sit on the toilet for 20 minutes as I pretend to use the bathroom.  In which, I'm usually just trying to send a text message that I'm three days late in responding to and trying to make the third Target order for the week.

I love my husband. I love motherhood. I love my family.  However, I'd be more than dishonest if I didn't confess that I had no clue what I was getting myself into.  It was a hard adjustment.  It is hard trying to maintain a healthy marriage.  It was hard becoming a stay at home mother.  For the first time in my life I didn't have a formal job nor was I in school.  Yet, somehow I had entered into the hardest job of my life (And I've worked a lot of hard jobs and long hours).  I was no stranger to grit and overnighters.  Yet, I experienced postpartum depression after the delivery of each of my first 3 children.  Then I moved across the country away from family and friends and gave birth to my 4th. I watched my husband flourish in his career while I sat in spit up.  It was a battle of the mind, heart, and emotions.

Yet, somehow through it all.  I found my peace.  I found a true relationship with Jesus, which helped me endure the long days and deal with the disappointments.  I gained wisdom on how to navigate my mind, my marriage, and my two year old who began screaming at me, telling me "no", drawing on the walls, and terrorizing the house. I learned how to not fold every piece of laundry as a way to protect my sanity (Oh Jesus, that was a hard one to let go).  I developed a postpartum devotional to help other women keep their sanity.  I began a virtual space for moms to come together and talk about this thing called motherhood. I learned how to pour out to others while allowing Jesus to fill me back up.

So I welcome you, sis, to join me in this thing called life.  To walk with me as I walk with you.  To cry with me as I cry with you.  To laugh with me as I laugh with you.  Let's do this, together.

Let's get REAL. Let's get Comfortable.  Let's get Braless.

Let's do life together.