Postpartum Kit

Whether you are having a baby yourself or thinking of a baby shower gift for someone else this postpartum kit is perfect gift!  As mentioned in the previous post, Postpartum: I Wasn’t Ready , all of the physical preparation in the world could not have mentally prepared me for what I was about to go through. However, my postpartum kit was still essential!!!! I have had three vaginal deliveries (2 epidurals and 1 with no meds) and one cesarean and have nursed all 4 of my children, so there are items here for all of our needs.

Of all the information online, there was more about the hospital bag and the baby than there was about taking care of myself after delivery.  So I am forever grateful that the first lady of my church brought my first postpartum kit that would help me every day after giving birth!  So I pass along this nugget of gold to you.

I suggest you compile this at least a month before your due date.  Although you won't be able to predict what type of delivery you will have, because anything can happen, prepare your kit based on what type of delivery you hope to have.  If your delivery type changes, refer back to this list . 

**Or Check out the postpartum kit video**

Vaginal Delivery

Maxi Pads

Pretty much the biggest maxi pads you can find.  You'll need this for a vaginal delivery or c-section.


Place these in a row on your maxi pads to help soothe you after delivery

Witch Hazel

Put witch hazel in a Peri Bottle and squirt!!
Peri Bottle
Place diluted witch hazel or just water in Peri bottle and squirt into vaginal area. This will help clean and soothe you lady parts. Frida Mom has a great version that is already angled up for you.


Spay after cleaning your lady parts.  This will help soothe the stinging.

Epson Salt

A little soak in the tub with some epson salt will go a long way.

Frida Mom

Although I haven't used on of these quick kits myself, I have gifted a few women with one of these postpartum kits by Frida Mom.  It's definitely a good go-to when you are in a pinch for time or low on mental capacity (which we all are once we get to the third trimester). Frida Mom has a ton of postpartum recovery options!

C-Section Delivery

Over-the-belly Panties

The hospital will provide you with mesh panties while in the hospital (be sure to take the extras home with you).  Over-the-belly maternity panties are especially helpful after having a c-section.  You will need to avoid panties and bottoms that may slide down into your incision area.  Even after it has healed, your incision can still be tender.
A cheaper option is larger granny panties in case you need to throw them away.

Maxi Pads

You'll also need maxi pads after your c-section.  If you have regular panties that slide down into your incision area, you can place a pad over your incision (on top of your bandages if it's still healing externally).   This will provide protection for your incision and prevent your panties or pants from pressing directly on it.  

Nursing Needs

Lansinoh Breast Pads

Not all women leak, but I certainly do.  I've gone through hundreds of these.  There are reusable ones available. In my opinion, Lansinoh is brand that is thin and has good absorption.

Lanolin Cream

There are many different brands of lanolin.  The main usage is to sooth your nipples as they become sore while breastfeeding. Awesome for soothing sore nipples and protecting them in the shower (the water droplets can hurt). Please remember lanolin soothes your breast, your breast milk can heal them. So rub both breast milk and lanolin on your breasts and let them air dry.

Lansinoh Soothie Gel Pads

Let's just say Lansinoh knows what they are doing!! They have mastered breast care. These cooling pads are heaven on earth! Only downside is they are pricey to only last you 3 days. But during those first 2 weeks I was so desperate I would have paid anything!

Nipple Shield

Try to use this BEFORE your nipples start to bleed and crack. I wish I would have used them as soon as my nipples got really sore. Medela's shield was more rigid and protected my nipple better than other brands. My daughter latched to this and to my bare breast with little difficulty. Sometimes she was confused but didn't take long for her to get used to both.

Hot/Cool Packs

Put them in the freezer if your breasts are engorged. Warm them in the microwave if you need to speed up your let-down.

Nursing Bras

Get at least 4 because baby will throw up down your shirt and dirty your bra. You will definitely want spares on hand. Auden brand @ Target has a wireless style that is cute and comfy.

Lactation Support

From mother's milk teas to lactation cookies/brownies there are a ton of products to help increase your milk supply.  Traditional Mother's Milk Tea can be found at almost any grocery store or Target/Walmart.  Milky Mama is a very tasty product line with cookies, brownies, lemonades, and teas to help increase your supply.  I've also used lactation smoothies recipes on Pinterest.

For Everyone

Stool Softener

Your doctor will prescribe you one while in the hospital. DO NOT DELAY in filling the prescription or buying an over-the-counter brand. You will definitely be constipated after birth. Hard stools will send you into tears whether you have had a vaginal or cesarean delivery.

Pain Medication

You're not a punk if you need pain medication, YOU JUST HAD A BABY! Be gentle on yourself.  You will be sore for weeks.  Some days more than others.  I personally only take the Norco or Vicodin prescribed for the first few days then only do Tylenol.  The narcotics can cause constipation and fatigue.

Loose Clothing

Target has some great sleep shirts. Soooo comfy!!!! You want to be comfortable.

A Quality Belly Wrap

To help speed up your "snap-back" process, a belly wrap is absolutely essential.  Consistency is key.  You will need to wear one at least 12 hours a day and sometimes overnight, so you need to find a comfortable.  Although they are pricer, Belly Bandit has a great line of belly wraps.  I was hesistant because of the price, but they are much more comfortable than some of cheaper 3-in-1 ones I tried from amazon.  And after a c-section, you definitely don't want one that will rise up into your incision.  I'm 5'6'' and use the Belly Bandit Luxe.

Water Bottle

Hydration is essential to your recovery and milk production (if you are nursing). You'll be drinking lots of water. I drink at least 12oz every feed. Be sure that you are able to pick it up, open it, and close it with one hand.

Lume Deoderant

After delivery, it's very common that you will smell before AND after you take a shower.  Increased hormones and sweating combined with the bacteria on our skin makes a great combination for funk.  You will need a deodorant that will get the job done all day and all night!  I normally wear natural deodorants, so when I found Lume and discovered how well it worked, I was beyond excited.

No-Crumb Snacks

So helpful for those late night feedings. You'll be up all night and hungry! And throw in some gummy bears or something to treat yourself!  Be sure they don't leave a lot of crumbs.  You don't want to drop food in your baby's hair all night.

Frozen Meals

Prepare meals and freeze them weeks before your due date.  You'll be so tired and have so little time that the microwave will become your best friend. Don't even think about cooking a meal.

Something For You

You will need something to help you feel like a woman again.  A shower with some smell goods does the trick for me.  But whether it's Bath & Body Works or pulling out the make-up bag, do something that makes you feel good.  You may only get to do this twice a month, but make it a point to do so.

Need more explanation??

Check out this postpartum kit video
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